Courses BI-3103 to 3403 guide a student to read through and study the whole Bible using an one-volume commentary. Bible reading can be done in one's native language (strongly recommended). Issues of Biblical interpretation related to texts and genres under the study are also covered.

Each course (BI-3103-3403) covers a particular section of the Bible. The sections are:

- Historical Books of the Old Testament (BI-3103, this course)
- Wisdom, Poetry and the Prophets in the Old Testament (BI-3203, this course)
- Gospels and Acts (BI-3203)
- Letters and the Revelation (BI-3203)

This course will acquaint the student with the actual text and narrative of the Scriptures, provides socio-historical background for Biblical text, and addresses some key exegetical issues.

There will be brief reflective summary papers around specific themes. The student does journaling during the course. The main objective, however, is to read the Bible with a good non-technical commentary and get aquainted with the contents of the Bible.

Required texts for the course are the following:

  • The Bible. Student's preferred translation into one's native language. (NIV or TNIV is seminary's standard English Bible.)
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth - Gordon D.  Fee & Douglas Stuart 1981/2002.
  • The Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary  - Gary M. Burge & Andrew E. Hill, eds. 2012.

3 credit course