Please use the following depending on your need: (inquiries, any messaging) (admissions, finances, registry) (teachnical issues) (academic issues)

For persons use ""

Professors and instructors may provide their private email addresses, Skype ids etc. for student use.

Mail and Phone

Worldwide Evangelical Seminary

P.O. Box 538, Port Williams

NS B0P1T0, Canada

Tel: If you need to make a telephone call, please send an email first.

Fax: Please scan your documents and use email.

Incorporation information

Worldwide Evangelical Seminary is incorporated as "WWES International Education Society," providing educational services on nonprofit basis, as registred under the Societes Act by Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia, Canada, reg. #3269309.

The society is NOT registered as a charity by Canada Revenue Agency as per Jan 2014.

For all legal correspondence use the contact information as stated above.

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